9 steps to write an Ecommerce Business plan

9 steps to write an E commerce Business plan

To Successfully Launch an online Store

  1. Company Summary

Overview of all the requirement to start your Business

  1. Your Product

Outline the Products, inventory and Packaging

  1. Market Analysis

In-depth analysis to the current Market and your competitor

  1. Strategy and Implementation

Detail your Sales forecasts and Customer acquisition Strategy

  1. Marketing Strategy

Clear Vision of your Mission, Branding and Customer Communication

  1. Website plan

Including all development requirement for your site and draw wireframes

  1. Management Summary

Outlines Employees Requirement Responsibilities, Value and Costs

  1. Financial Plan

Describe Budget, Projected Profit and loss, Cash flow and funding Requirement

  1. Exit Plan

How you exit is just as important as how you start, include timeline and selling strategy.

About the author: Arshad Zaidi