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Discovering new e-commerce sites increased online shopping trend

Since the beginning of E-commerce, the trend of online shopping has shown enormous growth. The E-commerce has become an industry now. Online shopping gives the sense of ease and comfort along with various other benefits of shopping online instead of wandering the shopping malls.

Over the past few years, there have been thousands of online stores launched and the industry has now reached up to USD 1500 billion which is huge. According to Forbes magazine, B2B e-commerce market worth $6.7 Trillion by 2020 i.e. More than 4 times of present worth which is massive.

Especially in the region like UAE, so many best online deals stores that offer products in very special discounts.

We have collected few facts for you that you may do not know. Please see and share the below infographic on online shopping facts.

Facts about online Shopify

  • Over the past two years, 36% of people have increased their online shopping habits.
  • Better deals
  • The biggest time of the year that people shop online is the holiday season.
  • Easy to compare prices
  • No need for travel
  • Pinterest Progress

In the e-commerce world, we can consider Pinterest as a good example. Its increase in the population gives more strength to online shopping trends. To Shopify with ease and reliability, is also a good factor of online shopping.

Below are few facts about pinterest for increasing trends in online shopping.

  • Big Billion Sale: Over $300 Million this year.
  • Bang for your buck
  • Average amount spent per order is higher than other major social channels.
  • Driver of Traffic
  • Source of social media traffic to Shopify stores.
  • Decision making
  • A number of people posting for a different product is more than millions per day.
  • 93% of people use Pinterest to plan for the purchase of anything.

Research is very common now, people go to reliable platforms for good choice. Pinterest gets 96% users to gather product information.

About the author: Aqsa Hadi